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Protect Technologies is the exclusive master distributor of the AEM5700. AEM5700 is the engine that drives the Aegis Microbe Shield program. We are expanding our presence every day with business strategy, application protocols and marketing support, to control and prevent microbe growth.

What’s AEM 5700.  Watch this video!

Protect Technologies is supporting the application of the AEM5700 across many business verticals and geographies.

Whether looking to incorporate antimicrobial protection into your business, products or contractor services, we can help you Control and Prevent the growth of bacteria, mould, fungus, algae, and yeasts on a wide range of materials. We can protect your surfaces from microbial contamination and related odours.

AEM5700 is not a disinfectant. It is a long acting antimicrobial.



AEM5700 vs. Other Antimicrobials

Protect Technologies uses the AEM5700 to protect surfaces from harmful microbes.  Our technology polymerizes (bonds) to surfaces resulting in a strong, durable, invisible, effective and extremely safe barrier that controls and prevents the growth of microorganisms. AEM5700 is proven to control and prevent the growth of an extremely wide range of microorganisms such as bacteria, algae, yeasts, mould, and mildew.

AEM5700 is an enduring antimicrobial surface treatment which has the following properties:

  • Compatible with virtually all substrates, including natural and synthetic fibers.
  • Does not create an environment that promotes adaptive microorganisms.
  • No arsenic, tin, heavy metals, or polychlorinated phenols.
  • Accepted, registered, and readily available worldwide.
  • Does not rub off or migrate onto the skin.



AEM5700 Mode of Action

The technical active ingredient is a conventional quaternary ammonium salt (organo) which is chemically spliced to a silane molecule, resulting in a highly active molecule (3-trimethoxsilylpro­pyldimethyloctadecyl ammonium chloride) that has both tenacious bonding capabilities as well as excellent antimicrobial properties.

During the application process stable bonds between OH- sites on the AEM5700 molecule and the positive charge on the nitrogen atoms (N+) form. The result of this chemical process is the creation of a large co-polymer chemically bonding AEM5700 to the target substrate.

combinationSilane Base – enables the antimicrobial to anchor securely onto the substrate providing long-lasting antimicrobial protection

Positively Charged Nitrogen – The positively charged atom of nitrogen attracts negatively charged microbes.

Long Molecular Carbon Chain – The long molecular chain or “spike” that comes into contact with offending microbes.  This carbon “spike” acts like a sword that punctures the cell membranes of all microbes coming in contact with it.

Think of AEM5700 as a microscopic sword and a treated surface acting like bed of nails or swords. AEM5700 modifies treated surfaces creating an inhospitable environment for microbes including bacteria, fungus and mold – in other words microbes cannot live on surfaces protected by AEM5700. The positive nitrogen center of the AEM5700 sword attracts microbes to it and the long carbon chain punctures the cell membrane controlling and preventing the growth of microbes.

This combination of stabbing and electrocution allows the technology to deliver its intended effect.





Because AEM5700 does not dissipate or leach, it is not absorbed by the organism — or by you.  As the water in the AEGIS solution evaporates during the drying process, unbound organosilane molecules chemically bond to treated surface – the result is a treated surface with no migrating residue, no odour, and no off-gassing of any kind.

Extensive toxicological / safety testing has been completed to satisfy Health Canada, the US EPA, and the USDA.

Used by companies across the globe in a variety of applications including consumer products, PROTECT has the following safety assurance:

  • Non-toxic
  • Non-leaching
  • No VOCs
  • Non-flammable
  • Contains no heavy metals
  • Not tricolosan based
  • Does not promote super bugs or adaptive organisms


How Long Does AEM5700 Last?

AEM5700 antimicrobial efficacy has been proven by independent third party labs across North America. When applied to surfaces, it will control and prevent the growth of microbes for up to 365 days, depending on the surface and situation.

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