Buildings & Infrastructure Materials

Inevitably, buildings and infrastructure materials are exposed to the elements. Water causes damage and creates the perfect environment for bacteria, fungus, and mould to grow which leads to the early decomposition and breakdown of many building and infrastructure materials.

From wood and brick to fiberglass insulation, PROTECT is the bonding antimicrobial of choice to prolong the life these materials and prevent the negative impact of harmful microbes.

We have a wide range of case studies covering a diverse rang e of building materials. For material or industry specific information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



Protect Buildings and Infrastructure Materials

Control and Prevent:

  • Disease causing bacteria
  • Toxic moulds
  • Stain and odour causing fungus
  • Microbes that cause material deterioration




New Home Construction and Renovations

  • Consumers are educated.  They are aware of the risks and impact that mould presents in new home construction and renovations.
  • Protect their investment and reduce your exposure.




If you are involved in new home construction, renovations, restoration or remediation we want to speak with you.  We can show you how the Aegis Microbe Shield can help you protect your projects from the potential damage from microorganisms such as mould.