Commercial Buildings

It is well understood that pathogenic microorganisms contaminate many of the surfaces we come in contact every day. High touch surfaces such as board room tables, lunch rooms, door knobs, phones and computers are all places where we pick up microbes.  Sick buildings, loss of productivity, and sick days cost businesses time and money.

Germs can last on surfaces for days, in the right conditions they can reproduce exponentially.  One single bacteria can become 8 million in less than 24 hours. Disinfection efforts work, but only while the chemicals are wet on a surface.  The minute they dry, they are no longer offering protection.  And the chemicals themselves poison the microorganisms and can negatively affect people exposed to them.

Only the Aegis Microbe Shield is approved for protecting porous and non-porous surfaces in commercial applications such as these.

If your business is involved in providing Jan/San services to commercial buildings, we want to talk with you.  If you would like to learn how the Aegis Microbe Shield can help you protect your client’s indoor environments, we are here to help.