Protect Wipes for hard surfaces

Protect Wipes provide durable antimicrobial protection protecting surfaces between cleaning and sanitizing. This is an important addition to your infection control strategy.

Cleaning and sanitizing are effective when done consistently and properly. That means using the right amount of sanitizer and adhering the specific dwell time requirements of the specific product. Even when these specifications are met, there is no lasting effect. Once the sanitizer dries, the surface is at risk of recontamination.

Protect Wipes can be used on all surfaces in your office, clinic or hall.  Simply wipe on and dry off with a microfiber cloth. Treat your space every three months to give you and those around you that added sense of security.  AEGIS is perfect for your front reception, waiting room, bathroom, patient/customer areas rooms, all high touch surfaces like doorknobs and light switches.

Treatment is generally recommended quarterly.